Our life as we know it

We interupt your regularly scheduled glimpse of our life in order to bring you an unplanned move back to The City™. Unforseen events have caused us to uproot our life of liesure by the Lake™ and have hurled us back into the mainstream insanity of the Wet Side™. While this is a shock to our general psyche, we are bouncing back in a timely manner, and are viewing our present situation as an opportunity to explore new and daring oppurtunites. Never fear faithful viewers! We will be returning to life by the Lake as soon as we find the Ultimate Careers™ that will allow us to bask in the tranquility we knew, but still live in the manner we have became accustomed—like not starving. In the meantime, pull yourself a beer, and see what we have been up to.

- Jim, Keri, and Olivia

Note: Both the "Olivia" and "Airbrush" links above start slideshows. You don't have to click through files, just sit back and enjoy the show.

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