Gather 2006 - Crescent Lake, Oregon

Day 1: Cloudy Mt. Rainier

Day 1: Cloudy Mt. Rainier
Day 1: Cloudy Mt. Rainier Mt. St. Helens Nature healing itself Jim on the edge Columbia River Gorge, Hood River, Or.
Vernon's birthday beer on tap - yum! Day 2: Mt. Hood was smoky due to forest fires The last thing through its mind was its ass Lava fields near Sisters, Or. Three Sisters - each over 10k feet!
Gather site Day 3: BBQ lessons Jailbait of choice(tm) Crater Lake colors Crater Lake colors
Celebrating Andrea's return to riding! This is my new wallpaper Beer ad Horsepower at 8000 feet Yo Adrian!
<insert maniacal laugh here>

~Wetleather portraits~

Dave Morgan Tim Keane Catfish MiG Flash and crew
HMarc Keith Underdahl and TFMK(tm) SSJoanne the Kellys Shasta and
the Kellys Ann Bubba Joan TFMK(tm) erm...Michael Pierce :) Jenner
this is wetleather!